What is beachpowder shimmer?

beachpowder shimmer is a brand new product which removes sand from the skin and adds shimmer! It’s talc-free, safe for your skin and safe for the environment!

The subtle, lustrous sparkle of beachpowder shimmer brings glamour to your beach holiday. Party-goers love it! It’s also perfect for tempting your little ones off the beach at home-time. You can’t stand the sand - they can’t resist the shimmer!

Just sprinkle beachpowder shimmer onto towel-dried skin when you need to get rid of sand and get some shimmer. Then gently dust off with your hands and sparkle like the sun!

100% of testers said that beachpowder shimmer worked incredibly well or very well to remove sand. 100% of testers said they would definitely use it either on their own skin or on their children’s skin to remove sand. 60% said they would also use beachpowder shimmer just for the shimmer effect as a make-up product,even when there was no sand. All testers said they would buy the product in future.*

beachpowder shimmer is not tested on animals and does not pollute the environment.

*in randomised tests of 50 consumers, 47 respondents said beachpowder shimmer worked incredibly well. 3 respondents said it worked very well. 30 people said they would use beachpowder shimmer as a make-up product to give sparkle to the skin, as well as as a sand-removing product. All 50 respondents said they would buy the product in future. (Consumer testing July-October 2018)