“beachpowder works almost magically!”

Bransom Bean, Founder and Managing Director of Fine Focus,  and Sailor and circumnavigator (BT Global challenge).

“I actually wouldn’t go to the beach without beachpowder now!”

Anna Mason, mum.

“I’ve never seen anything like this on the market - it’s a beach bag must-have.”

Sharon van Geuns, journalist.

“Love the shimmer! Definitely taking this to Ibiza!”

Catherine Johnson, Ibiza-regular.

“Stops sand from ending up in the car!”

Pete Lawton, dad.

“My kids love beachpowder - no more putting their shoes back on to sandy feet!”

Abby Boren, mum.

“The oceans are our most precious resource and I am careful to only choose products which do them no harm. Beachpowder is one of those products that I love and recommend to everyone.”

Stephan Whelan, founder and publisher deeperblue.com