What is beachpowder?

beachpowder is an all-natural, talc-free powder for removing sand from the skin.  It’s made from a mixture of plant and mineral powders and scented with vanilla.  The plant powders in beachpowder absorb the moisture on your skin so that sand falls off, whilst the mineral powders in the formula provide extremely gentle natural exfoliation.  The result is that beachpowder leaves the skin totally sand-free and feeling incredibly silky.

What is beachpowder shimmer?

beachpowder shimmer not only removes sand from the body but also adds a subtle, sun-shiny glitter effect to the skin at the same time.  It is talc-free, vanilla ice-cream scented and leaves your skin sand-free, smooth and sparkly!  The cosmetic glitter used is made from natural minerals and is plastic-free, so it won’t pollute the sea or the water sources.

Is beachpowder talc?

No!  Talcum powder is hydrated magnesium silicate - H2Mg3(SiO3)4. which is not an ingredient of beachpowder. Several studies conducted over the past 25 years have found an association between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.  What’s more, particles in talcum powder are very fine which means it can cause respiratory problems and lung disorders if it is inhaled.  All the plant and mineral powders in the beachpowder formula have bigger particles than those in talcum powder, meaning that they are less likely to be inhaled or absorbed into the body. 

beachpowder shimmer contains synthetic fluorphlogopite - what on earth’s that?

We wanted beachpowder shimmer to be all-natural.  But then we realised that natural products aren’t always “better” than man-made ones!  Naturally-occurring mica powder has been used for centuries to add shimmer to cosmetics but, too often, child-labour is used in the mining of the mica.  We tried to find suppliers who could guarantee that the natural mica they were selling had been produced ethically without the use of child-labour but we had no way of independently checking that was the case.  Human rights are so important to us that we couldn’t take the risk.  That’s why we decided to use a product that mimics the effects of natural mica and is made from natural minerals, but produced synthetically in a lab.

The synthetic fluorphlogopite in beachpowder shimmer is sometimes referred to as synthetic mica.  It mimics the effect of natural mica but it’s made by scientists.  Although it’s a man-made substance, it is constructed of natural minerals, so don’t let the word “synthetic” put you off!

Are beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer environmentally-friendly?

Yes!  Plastics are wreaking havoc on our oceans so it would feel very wrong to take a product packaged in plastic with you to the beach!  The Isle of Man is home to the fantastic charity Beach Buddies, which has successfully reduced plastic on our shores. So there was no way that we were going to add to the ocean plastic crisis! That’s why we package beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer in tubes made from 100% recycled cardboard.  The shaker lid is the only part of the product which unfortunately has to be plastic at the moment but it can be removed and recycled when you have finished the carton.

We’ve made a commitment to move to a plant-based, biodegradable compostable plastic shaker lid as soon as it becomes commercially possible to do so.

The cosmetic glitter used in beachpowder shimmer is made from natural minerals and is plastic-free, so it won’t pollute the sea or the water sources.

Can I use beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer on my baby?

Yes - beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer sand-removing products are completely safe for babies and young children, when used as instructed, even in the nappy area.

Where can I buy beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer?

you can buy beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer directly from us here or they are available from selected retailers. For a list of retailers, click here.

If you would like to stock beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer, click here.

Can beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer remove any type of sand?

Yes! beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer have been tested on different types of sand and they work on every one! (tested on sand with particle sizes from 70micrometres to 2milimetres)