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Stephanie explains..


The concept of beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer was inspired by the beautiful sandy beaches of the Isle of Man. My family has always lived on the island and it’s where I was born and live now, just minutes from the beach, with my husband and two children. It’s inspirational knowing that generations of my ancestors played, walked and picnicked on the same gorgeous beaches that I now take my children to, hundreds of years later!

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I was rubbing my daughter’s sandy legs with a towel one day as we were leaving the beach. She was complaining that it felt like I was “grating” her! I realised then that we all probably have experienced the same problem over the years – sandy skin!

Even after towel-drying at the end of a day at the beach, there is moisture on our skin that makes the sand stick. I came up with the idea of creating an all-natural, talc-free sand-removing powder made from a mixture of plant and mineral powders that would remove sand very easily.

The combination of plant powders and mineral powders in beachpowder absorbs the moisture without drying out your skin and provides extremely gentle natural exfoliation. The result is that beachpowder leaves the skin totally sand-free and feeling wonderfully silky and smooth! Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without an ice-cream, so I added vanilla ice-cream scent to the powder so that the smell of your trip to the seaside lingers on the skin even when you’re back at home!

Then I created beachpowder shimmer to not only remove sand from the skin but to add a subtle, lustrous glitter at the same time. It’s perfect for bringing a bit of glamour to beach holidays or anytime when you feel the need to sparkle! Children love it and adults do too – in fact, the shimmer effect is so beautiful that many people have said they use it on their skin purely as a beauty product! For them, the fact that it is a superb sand-remover is just an added bonus.

Living on an island as beautiful as the Isle of Man means I care immensely about reducing plastic waste and keeping our stunning beaches and countryside clean. That’s why I sourced recycled cardboard tubes for the packaging of beachpowder and beachpowder shimmer and totally plastic-free ingredients for the cosmetic glitter.

So now you can leave the beach happy and leave the beach….clean!